Excessive water bills with WaterCare

A few weeks ago my painter happened to notice that there  was water gushing out of the ground while he was painting my house.  I called in a plumber and the main feeder line into my house had burst.  I called in a plumber and $250ish later the problem was solved.

Fast forward to yesterday and I received my waterbill!

I looked into it and ouch!  Look at the February usage.  I guess that leak had been going for a while.

WaterCare also reckoned we were at the top end of the water usage range.

Fortunately WaterCare offer leak allowances to encourage everyone to fix leaks as soon as they can.  So I went to their website and filled it out.  I would urge anyone who has a similar incident to check with your utility provider in order to see if they can offer relief.