When broken stuff can’t be fixed.

Our broken gate latch. A little glue is not going to fix this.

So you’ve broken something around the house, or more likely one of those monkeys you call children have managed to brake it, and it simply can’t be fixed. What do you do? Pony up the dollars and buy a replacement? No way. Use this quick little quide to get it replaced for free:

1. Track down the manufacturer.

2. Email their customer support with a modified version of this template.

Hi, I have a XXX. The XXX has broken. What’s the best way to repair it or get a replacement?


Thank you.


Your Name.

3. Attach photos of the damaged object to the email and hit send.

4. When they respond be super grateful, and answer any of their questions.

5. Watch in amazement as the company or their local against offers to send you replacement items/parts at no cost to you.
Now this isn’t going to work every time. But my success rate is much higher than I ever expected. Especially considering in many cases I was not the original owner and they had no obligation to replace their products that were broken by monkeys running wild.

What have you had replaced by a manufacturer? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. We had a Samsung microwave that started “arcing” (sparking and making zappy noises). It was a few months out of warranty but I just did my usual and quoted the Consumer Guarantees Act at them.
    I didn’t have much luck finding a way to make an enquiry through the proper channels so I just shortcutted by looking up their NZ head of customer service on LinkedIn and emailing her directly. She took ownership straight away and got us a new microwave replacement and the team were super fast and responsive (I’m sure in part because the request got forwarded down from their boss).

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